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March 18
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This is my entry for the AOTW#13 Anti-Bullying movement contest organized by :iconarthassoul:

When I stumbled upon this contest's subject, it gave me so much inspiration that I immediately had all the panels being painted in my head - something exceptional since usually, inspiration runs away from me. I guess it happened because I have some personal experience with bullying, so the subject kind of tugged at my heartstrings. Anyways, I thank Brandon (who is the founder of the group) from the bottom of my heart for organizing these contests about such sensitive subjects. I think it's a really great and generous initiative which, I hope, will be echoed widely in the dA community.

This is my first flash comic ever and even though it was difficult to put it together I think I've fainted.,  I didn't die during the process. Something to celebrate!
Panels drawn in Paint Tool SAI, blur and texts added in Photoshop, SWF file put together in Adobe Flash CS3.

I made a journal to thank Lunatic-Nemesis and everyone who faved, commented, watched or sent gifts to me :huggle: :

devillolipop is leading a large-scale project against bullying, be sure to check the website :
If some of you (or your children if you're a parent) have been bullied, and want some advice or need to talk about it, you'll find help and support there from experienced mentors. The project also holds other initiatives to help raising awareness about that issue. You'll find more detailed information in the section "About Us" of the website.


EDIT : Lot of people said I made that deviation only to hit close to home and thus, to gain popularity. It's NOT true : please remember that I made it for a small contest. I NEVER expected this would be suggested as a DD, I did NOT wanted it to be widespread. It's crappy, poorly done, I made it in a rush and wouldn't even call this "art".

Then, for people saying the comic is overdramatic an unbelievable because I went too far in the situations, for example, with the "knife under the throat" : that scene DID happen to me at school, and I had to go to justice for that. So please, don't say such a thing could never happen.

And now, for people saying the girl is to pretty to be bullied : since when only unattractive people get harassed ? And you know, beauty is a subjective thing : some people will find you good-looking, and some others will think you're ugly as hell and thus, might be bullying you. The girl in the comic is not supposed to look pretty at all, just average. The problem comes from the semi-realism style.

EDIT 2 : I know it kinda looks like Yuumei's work. It's because I had to stick to her Flash Comic template, due to the lack of time since it was a contest with a deadline, and also because Adobe Flash was a real pain to use. I wanted to do it otherwise but couldn't. Then, Yuumei and I appear to have semi-realistic anime styles, so they look similar; the reason could be that both of us were highly influenced by Takeshi Obata's style. But let me clear that once and for all : I am NOT trying to mimic her. I am NOT taking my inspiration from her neither.


Some words about the submission's message itself:

First, the main character may be a girl, but I tried to keep the text gender-neutral enough (except for the parts dealing with appearance) to apply to boys as well, so they can relate too.

Then, I know that not all bullied children become what I call "broken adults". Thanks God, many of them manage to find inner strength as well as support from their families or friends, and eventually succeed in getting out of this crap without lasting scars.
But I did this as a tribute, not only to all victims in general (from school scapegoats to those who are being harassed at home or at work), but also and above all for victims who, even once they've grown, simply can't heal their pains and remain consumed by their fears, affected by traumas (what I called "cracks"), and end up with mental illnesses which might last for years. Hence the title, "Broken Adults". Because some of them simply never heal.

So please, don't tell me things like "Yeah u suffered a lot but u can move on by thinking about how life's beautiful and how ur loved by ur family and friends (^.^)". Yes, I know that support from people who appreciate you is a precious help in the healing process when you've been bullied for years. But what about people who don't have a family anymore (because their relatives rejected them or passed away) and can't managed to get any friends even with the greatest effort and lots of kindness? Don't tell me it is impossible to be utterly alone : it IS possible, and I personally know a few examples. And for former victims who are alone and thus, lack love and support even in their adult life, moving on is often nearly impossible and they may drown in self-hatred, depression and suicidal tendencies.

Indeed... How can you enjoy living, when you loathe yourself and are still haunted by your past - when that past is nothing more than a collection of depressing, even traumatizing memories? How can you enjoy living when, having been torn apart, you can't even be comforted by your family or friends since everyone is shunning you? How can you enjoy living with solitude for only company?

I think people don't take enough into consideration the harm bullying can do in the long run. Many persons seem to think that once you become adult, you just have to move on and be happy all of a sudden. But the consequences of a tormented past do not clear with a mere snap of the fingers. You cannot DECIDE to forget everything and start over, it's not that easy : it's a constant struggle that some victims may never win.
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Daily Deviation

Given 2014-03-26
Beautifully illustrated and poignantly presented, Broken Adults by LittlePurplePlums conveys a powerful message about the effects of bullying.  ( Suggested by Lunatic-Nemesis and Featured by Moonbeam13 )
sthinley Featured By Owner 9 hours ago  New member  Digital Artist
that was beautiful, thank you for helping spread the word, many people suffer bullying, its horrible
NotPurrrfect Featured By Owner 5 days ago

I can't understand how some people think that bullying can be a ''joke''. It's true that, these days, some people REALLY exaggerate some things, but mostly, many people are bullied every single day, with no one to talk about it. The innocent joke's intensity varies from person to person, you can't say that bullying is not a serious problem just because you don't practice or suffer it. 
Your artwork is amazing, and I find really admirable that you're using it to spread awareness. Keep up with the good work! ~chu~
KingNot Featured By Owner Oct 16, 2014
Very powerful images and excellent art.

Personally though I think the anti-bullying modern movement is just New World Order frogwash out to turn everyone into weakling victims still bullied.
Also likely sponsored by the ADL that's anti-Free speech, except their own, calling any speech they don't like "Hate speech" and this is a good shoe-horn in.  One man's opinion.
Frankly, it was the so-called 'authority' figures that helped the bullies who hurt me as a child.

As a kid when I got bullied I just fought back 10 times harder.  Didn't care about knives even.  And I ripped webbing from the thumb and finger and out fought even semi-retarded 18 year old in jr high oversized bullies.
Problem was, they went crying to the teacher saying I was the aggressor.  Someone who is out to do injury to another will certainly lie to manipulate authority.  And worse than a biased or sympathetic to bullies teacher is the "Fair and balanced" one that takes both sides of the story, the liar and his victim he's slandered who can't really defend against exxagerated lies with a seed of truth.
ZimSand Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
:'( This is literally my whole childhood, it's not that I'm an adult yet I've kinda get used to being hurt at some point I think I deserve it, Never really had any friends they come and go mostly by stabbing me in the back, I am broken, I am hurt...
SUNSHINEHD Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014
Awesome . How can i download it?
Undevicesimus Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014   Artist
I was never bullied in school or witnessed any serious bullying, but this has really touched me... The destructiveness of human nature is as potent in a schoolyard as it is in a warzone.
ArtistRarity Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Hibiya Amamiya (Cries) [V2]  
lacialuvsyou2000 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2014  Hobbyist Filmographer
Cry Simba  this was elementary school for me mostly. those 3 specific boy. Mathew. Daniel. and Kendrick. all used to mess with me no matter how much I gave to them. all my things I gave. Daniel is the worst...he touched my sisters when we was all in middle school going to high. im in highschool now with him. I HATE SEEING HIS FACE. LL TEACH HIM ONE DAY! FOR MY SISTERS! ILL KILL HIM! Hades is ticked off  *** HIM! ALL OF EM!
Heromelody Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
Hibiya Amamiya (Cries) [V2]  I'm sad now
Zasura022 Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2014  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
I swear... If that was here in my home town... The knife bit that boy would've never been seen again... Or because I live in the stabbing capital of Australia there would be a body either way... Dam I hate but I love my home town... Erm sorry... Random drabble... This is the best thing ever, so much feels... Remembering the childhoods I saved... Remember all those people I stood up for... Remembering that all the s**t that people give you can either make you broken or stronger... You can learn or you can run, either way you've gotta survive your childhood and become an adult, when you become an adult you meet better people who will take care of you, but you just have to become a more sociable person to meet the 'Ones'
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